Nutraffect is based out of Medford, a small town located in central Wisconsin. We got started in early 2015 with the ultimate goal of helping as many people as possible live a healthier lifestyle with the use of natural supplements and helpful lifestyle recommendations. Our mission is to provide products that will supplement a healthy diet and improve our customers quality of life.

Our company was created to help people achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals. We are strong advocates of living a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy eating, regular exercise, natural supplements and remedies, and other daily activities that promote longevity and overall well-being.

For too long, people in the USA have neglected their health in regards to eating unhealthy foods and over relying on our medical system to fix all their health problems. We urge people to take action and start living healthier lives, even if it means just making one small change at a time!

We wish you all the best!